Game Rules
Notice: If you have any issues related to the rules please use the support tickets system

- Do not spam or message admins, please use the support ticket system.
- You must write any support tickets in English
- Treat all admins and moderators with respect
- You will not flame, troll or spam the live chat system
- You must write in the live chat system in English
- No impersonating admins or moderators
- Features must be used as intended and not exploited
- Abusing bugs will result in your account being killed and you receiving a temporary ban
- Use of proxies will not be tolerated and your account will be killed
- No sharing accounts with other people, including family members
- If you have a family member that shares your IP, please inform the admins of this prior to registering
- No duping accounts
- You may not use any kind of scripting tool, auto-refresher, auto-clicker, or otherwise automate your play
- No selling coins or items for real-life money

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in your account being muted, admin killed or temporarily/permanently banned.