Staff List
If you need to contact a member of staff, please use the in-game support ticket system or open a support ticket via Discord.

We aim to respond to Support tickets within 24 hours.

Username Role Status
Someone Admin Offline
Vigorous Admin Offline
Tor HDO Offline
Nemo HDO Offline
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Failure to adhere to these rules may result in your account being muted, admin killed or temporarily/permanently banned.

  • Do not spam or message admins, please use the support ticket system.
  • You must write any support tickets in English.
  • Treat all admins and moderators with respect.
  • You will not flame, troll or spam the live chat system.
  • You must write in the live chat system in English.
  • No impersonating admins or moderators.
  • Features must be used as intended and not exploited.
  • Abusing bugs will result in your account being killed and you receiving a temporary ban.
  • Use of proxies will not be tolerated and your account will be killed.
  • No sharing accounts with other people, including family members.
  • If you have a family member that shares your IP, please inform the admins of this prior to registering.
  • No duping accounts.
  • You may not use any kind of scripting tool, auto-refresher, auto-clicker, or otherwise automate your play.
  • No selling coins or items for real-life money.
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